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 The first book of the "Red Mill Canyon" series.  When Bill Simmons suffers from the loss of his wife to a devastating accident, he retires his career in midlife, to take the position of manager on a ranch in the Sierra's.  His new direction in life finds him building a friendship with a younger professional, Valerie Dobbins, the town surgeon.  Both face issues of a death in their past as Valerie tries to find her place with a man that has three daughters from a previous marriage.  The question that remains to be answered is, how does suffering fit into Gods plan for the future.


Winters Edge is the first in a ongoing series about love with differences in life, building a future family together and pursuing Gods purpose in ministry and life.

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“Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”  Job 1:10


Grady and Valerie’s engagement begins to prepare them for marriage.  Valerie learns that motherhood comes with entanglements as she finds herself stuck between loyalty to her new fiancé, yet sincerity in respecting the secrets that exist in Crissy’s troubled life, his middle daughter.   


As an opportunity opens to own the ranch in the future, Grady leads a group of employees in purchasing it, only to find that the troubles that plagued the ranch the year before are much bigger than they all realized and the cost of ownership is not just money, but everything of value in their lives, including the ranch itself and the loyalty of those around them. 


Jed and Grady begin to revive the Red Mill Church again only to find that the spiritual battle that plagued Rails End and Red Mill Canyon forty years ago, a battle that his grandfather fought, has deep roots and is beginning to raise its ugly head again.  Is the path that God is beginning to take them down worth everything?  The question that remains to be answered is, “How does suffering fit into God’s will for their lives?”




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Coming in 2019


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Grady and Valerie, now united in marriage, begin to rebuild the Simmons family as the girls start to move on from the trauma of the loss of their mother.  All accept one that is, as Missy refuses to accept Valerie as her step-mother. 


Grady, Jed and Donavan begin redirecting the future of the newly acquired Red Mill Canyon toward a bigger ranching dream and tourist location, taking advantage of being on the Kings Highway that leads to the Sequoias, the largest pine trees on the continent.


God brings a young child, Eppie Higgins, into their lives who begins to transform Grady and Valerie’s understanding of themselves.    

God uses Eppie to draw a vision of the future for Red Mill Ranch.  The entire staff begin to understand that the future is to build not just a ranch and tourist location, but a ministry in Red Mill.

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